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The eagerly anticipated autobiography and business book from Joseph Valente explores his inspirational and often surprising journey from being expelled from school at the age of 15, to securing the backing of TV's most famous billionaire as his business partner just 10 years later  as a result of winning the hit BBC TV show , The Apprentice, in 2015.

"I travelled back to the house alone. It was all out of my hands now. There was one more final boardroom meeting with Lord Sugar—together with Vana as my rival—but I had already done everything I possibly could have done."

The writing of this book was accomplished during a time of great adventure…between Joseph Valente's high-profile split from business partner Lord Alan Sugar and the airing of the 13th season of the Apprentice on BBC 1. The drama of the period when Mr. Joseph Valente rose to become a household name now serves to reinforce the business practices he brings to you in this long-awaited work, which combines story and unconventional wisdom in a package that is sure to appeal to both the start-up and the seasoned entrepreneur…or to any reader who craves a spellbinding tale of inevitable failure turned foreseeable success.

Join Joseph in this, an incomparable story of struggle, doubt, victory and limitless ambition.

You will be inspired. You will be fascinated. And you will be better prepared to captain your own journey to ultimate success.